Digital Media E-5: Exploring Digital Media
Harvard Extension School
Spring 2023
Assignment 5: Exposure
Due 4:00pm ET on Monday, March 06
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For assignment 5, we want you to demonstrate each corner of the exposure triangle through a series of photographs. You should also draw inspiration from the previous lessons on composition when composing your frame.

This series will consist of 7 photographs. For each image, we expect your images to be at exposure even though the camera settings will be different. You are encouraged to use the same subject for each image, though that is not required. For each corner of the triangle, you may use two different subjects if you choose.

It might help to review our videos on Camera Modes and Lightmeters for a little more detail on actually using your camera. If you’re having trouble understanding the differences of how Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO affect your image. There is a nifty online tool at Photography-Mapped which will let you tweak settings to help you get a better understanding of each setting.

You will submit 7 photos in total, enumerated below:


Aperture controls the amount of light passing through the lens and affects depth of field (or DoF) in the image, you may wish to use (Av) mode or manual. You are required to manually set the aperture.

  1. Image with a shallow depth of field used intentionally
  2. Image with a deep depth of field used intentionally

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed controls the length of time that the sensor is exposed to light and affects the motion blur in an image, you may wish to use (Tv) mode. You are required to manually set the shutter speed.

  1. Image with motion blur used intentionally
  2. Image with motion frozen (no motion blur) used intentionally


ISO controls the sensitivity of the sensor, and affects the amount of “noise” in an image. You are required to manually set the ISO.

  1. Image with low image noise (low ISO)
  2. Image with high image noise (high ISO)

Your Choice

  1. Submit any image of your choice. Something that you find interesting

You will be asked a series of questions about exposure and your images when you submit your photographs, please allow time to answer these. You may wish to write down your answers ahead of time in a text editor and then copy/paste them into the assignment.


This project has separate requirements for graduate and undergraduate students. Please make sure to do the appropriate part depending on your credit status.

Graduate Students

If you are taking this course for graduate credit, you are required to shoot all of your images under a theme. This theme could be a person, place, or thing (water, reflections, time of day, etc). All of your images should follow the requirements outlined above AND be motivated around your theme.

Undergraduate Students

You are not required to have a theme for this project but we do encourage you to begin to think about how images relate to one another. You can use a separate location or subject for each image.

How do you submit?

Once you have taken your photographs and made your selections, rename your photographs before submission.

All photographs should precisely follow the numbering scheme detailed on this assignment:

  • firstname_lastname_assignment5-1.jpg (this is the shallow DoF shot)
  • firstname_lastname_assignment5-2.jpg (this is the deep DoF shot)
  • firstname_lastname_assignment5-6.jpg (this is the high noise shot)
  • firstname_lastname_assignment5-7.jpg (this is your choice of a shot)

For example: dan_coffey_assignment5-1.jpg


  • Left feedback per the Leave Feedback portion of this assignment
  • Thought about/experimented with how to demonstrate each component of the exposure triangle
  • Shot photographs until satisfied with results
  • Selected 7 photographs
  • Exposed images intentionally
  • Exported images to .jpg format (if not already in that format)
  • Renamed photographs to the assignment specification
  • Looked at (and possibly pre-wrote answers to) the questions on the assignment submission

Now it’s time to submit! Head on over to the link at the top of this assignment where prompts to submit your photographs and some questions await. Please leave some time to answer the questions, don’t wait until the deadline.

If you have any questions or are uncomfortable with any of the requirements of this project and need a little extra help, please shoot an email. We can set up some time to discuss the project more fully.