Digital Media E-5: Exploring Digital Media
Harvard Extension School
Spring 2023
Assignment 2: The Final Cut
Due 4:00pm ET on Monday, February 06
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Congratulations on finishing the first version of your scene! As with any media project, reflection and feedback are a big part about improving a piece.

For this assignment, you will have feedback from some peers as well as the staff in your OpinionCity link that you submitted with the first assignment by Wednesday, February 2nd 2022 by the end of the day. We will have some suggestions for ways to improve or change your edit. We want you to read the feedback and implement changes to address the comments.

The goal of this assignment is to make the “final cut” of your scene, spending time cleaning up any rough edits. At a minimum, we would like you to choose a piece of music to enhance your scene (or sound effects - see below), make and add a title (call it whatever you like), and add end credits.

You are welcome to implement the changes as you see fit, but your changes should do your best to address the feedback you’ve been given. You may find it useful to pull in footage from the other scenarios, as well (footage located here).


Here are the requirements for your final version of the film:

  • Reflect on your own project after getting feedback
  • Implement changes to your edit incorporating staff suggestions as well as any additional changes you wish to make
  • Add a music track under the project and/or strong sound design (aka sound effects)
  • Make and add a Title graphic, giving a name to your project
  • Add these end credits to the end of your project:
  • Additionally, create and add an end credit for “edited by” and put in your name, add it before or after the end credits image that we have provided
  • Export the video for submission
  • Name your YouTube video as follows where you substitute your first and last name
    • LastName FirstName Final Cut - Assignment 2 - Spring 2023, Exploring Digital Media
  • Visit the link above to submit

As always, please email us with any questions!