Digital Media E-5: Exploring Digital Media
Harvard Extension School
Spring 2023
Assignment 10: It's a Process, continued (optional)
Due 4:00pm ET on Thursday, May 25
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Welcome to the first optional assignment for Exploring Digital Media. If you decide to complete this assignment, we will replace your lowest assignment score with the grade that you receive from this assignment. To complete this assignment we want you to take the process video you created for It’s a Process and create an immersive sound design for that video.

As before, you should consider the basic layers of sound design as you go about this project:

  • Sound Effects
    • All of the sounds that belong to actions and sources that we see on screen
    • This list is an excellent place to start, but the whole internet is at your disposal
  • Ambience / Atmospheric
    • What is the soundscape of your location? What does it tell us about the process that is unfolding?
  • Music / Score
    • How does the scene feel different with different types of music?

For assignment 8, we asked you to inject your personal feelings on the process into the video using visual elements and choices. Now it is time to revisit this project with sound!

Think very hard about how you can reinforce your emotional position on the process using sound design. How far can you push your visual choices and perspective through the use of sound design elements?


  • Fill in the sound design elements for your video, focusing on creating an immersive and emotional soundscape. Your sound design should be complete with no major gaps or holes
  • Consider and address each category of sound design
  • Please double-check that your exported video has sound

As always, please email us with any questions!